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Project 3:27 Gives Vehicle to people in need



This couple was homeless

We found this young couple homeless and without a vehicle.  They have three children. Our local police frown on situations like that. The two older children were sent to a family member and the youngest one was put in a temporary foster home. The couple have found jobs and their old vehicle that they had lived in broke down. Both recently got jobs and needed a vehicle to get to those jobs. When they are able get housing, they could get their two older children back from relatives, and apply to get their youngest back from the state after proving they could earn a living and take care of them. 


Sher, daughter Savan, Dena our Secretary and much more

Savan is shown with her mother, Sher. We presented them with a van that was donated by a family that had received a handicapped outfitted van earlier in the year from Project327.  We are always so thankful when people are willing to recycle their vehicles. Sher's two children have problems and are in therapy several times a week.

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We helped with a good deed

This presentation of a handicapped equipped vehicle was given to a man who did not have any legs.  His wife tried to help him in and out of the house and they just could  not. His family was so pleased that they could take him to a Doctor and he could go to Church. Three members of Project 3:27's Board were present to present the van.

We gave this van to another person and when he no longer needed it, they graciously returned it.